Australian Dairy Carbon Calculator

The Australian Dairy Carbon Calculator helps dairy farmers with improving efficiencies and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. This can lead to reduced operational costs and increased profitability, while also protecting the environment.

The calculator equips farmers to measure their farm carbon footprint, understand sources of emissions and explore options for reducing emissions through herd, feed and soil management or reviewing their farm system. Opportunities such as reducing energy use and switching to renewables can deliver efficiency improvements that also lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Access the calculator below along with resources on how to use it.

  • Australian Dairy Carbon Calculator XLSM3.73 MB
  • Key Climate and Carbon FactsPDF454.98 KB

How to use the calculator

  • Data Collection SheetPDF376.09 KB
  • Manual - All SectionsDOCX4.93 MB
  • Manual - CalculatorDOCX1.55 MB
  • Manual - BenchmarkingDOCX677.49 KB
  • Manual - Carbon AccountingDOCX1.53 MB
  • Manual - Cost OnlyDOCX1.21 MB

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