Farm System Evaluator

Farm System Evaluator supports dairy farm businesses to make informed decisions about farm system changes before undertaking any significant investment. We offer access to farm system experts and a range of resources.

Online tool

The Farm System Evaluator online tool assesses a dairy farm’s readiness to adopt a new farm system involving feeding and housing infrastructure. Designed for farm owners and managers that are considering a system change, the tool involves answering a set of questions about a farm business across key management areas.

Farmers using the tool will be equipped with:

  • Guidance on the farm system options best suited to their goals and needs.
  • Visualising and preparing for the changes through a strategic and action plan.
  • Understanding the benefits and limitations of operating with different feeding and housing infrastructure.

Watch the video below to learn more about the online tool and the value it offers. The online tool and additional resources can be accessed below.


Farmers can also receive support from Dairy Australia’s farm system experts by attending a two-day workshop. It offers a great opportunity to connect with and learn from other farmers that are considering a farm system change.

The workshop will enable farmers to:

  • Outline their business objectives to determine the most suitable farm system.
  • Share initial versions of their strategic and action plans for group feedback.
  • Make an informed decision about the options and considerations for investing in a new system.
  • Get ready to start the planning, implementation and operation of their chosen system.

Register your interest in future workshops or request further information using the form below.

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