Raising the Roof 2024

Raising the Roof Conference 2024: Empowering NSW Dairy Farmers.

The Raising the Roof 2024 Conference has left an indelible mark on the landscape of the New South Wales dairy industry. Over three immersive days in February, 300 stakeholders, ranging from seasoned Dairy Farmers to eager newcomers, converged in the picturesque Hunter Valley to partake in a transformative experience.


At the heart of the conference was a shared commitment to advancing the sustainability and prosperity of our industry through intensive and innovative farm systems. Through a rich tapestry of discussions, workshops, and farm visits, attendees were equipped with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of dairy farming in NSW.


One of the hallmarks of the conference was its inclusive approach, welcoming not only local and international dairy professionals but also individuals from external industries keen on entering the dairy sector. This diversity of perspectives not only invigorated discussions but also underscored the adaptability and opportunities for growth in our industry.


Central to the conference's success was the invaluable contributions of the Redgrove Family of Nundah Pastoral Services at Scott's Flat, who graciously opened their doors to delegates, providing a firsthand glimpse into the cutting-edge farming practices shaping the future of our industry. Their hospitality served as a reminder of the collaborative spirit that defines our community.


The conference also boasted an impressive lineup of local and international experts, whose collective wisdom illuminated the path forward for NSW dairy farmers. From insights on housing and feeding infrastructure to practical advice on optimising farm operations, attendees were privy to a wealth of knowledge aimed at driving sustainable growth and resilience.


For more information on this event or Dairy Australia's services, please reach out to the Dairy NSW team member in your local region. 



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