International Trade

Learn how we build strong relationships in key markets, working together to overcome regulatory and policy issues to maintain and grow our exports market.

Meeting the demands of international markets is important for dairy farmers as 32% of Australian milk production is exported overseas, making Australia one of  the world’s largest dairy exporter.

Dairy Australia is committed to ensuring dairy farmers have access to a fair market price for their milk and a broader customer base beyond domestic borders that desire high quality Australian dairy products.

We work to build and maintain strong relationships in our key international export markets, partnering with industry and government to provide critical support in the negotiation and implementation of trade deals. We provide technical support to the industry and government in policy negotiations that aim to improve Australia's access to to key markets.

Our mission is to foster a positive culture where everyone prospers from our farmers to our valued customers around the world, because with Australian dairy, we all Thrive Together.

Thrive Together with Australian Dairy

International Markets

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