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Webinar Program

From July 2021, the Dairy Australia Manufacturing Webinar Program is partnering with University of Melbourne ARC Dairy Innovation Hub, to offer you an innovative program of topics and outstanding presenters.

Over the past nine years, Dairy Australia has presented over 270 webinars, all of which have been designed to upskill Australian dairy manufacturers.

The webinars, together with their downloadable PDF’s, offer an exciting way to enhance your knowledge from your workplace or home. Webinar recordings can also be viewed at a later date and be utilised to train work groups.

Dairy manufacturers receive this valuable training from Australian and international dairy experts, all professionals in their fields.

30 webinars are conducted annually. Typically, each webinar includes a 50-minute presentation followed by five to ten minutes of question time.

Webinar access is free for Australian dairy farmers.

Visit the Dairy Australia Events calendar and select the tag 'Manufacturing' to find the latest webinars in your area, or visit the webinar library to view previous presentations.

2021/2022 Webinar season passes


12 month pass
(incl. GST)

6 month pass
(incl. GST)

Large companies (over 200 employees)



Medium companies (20-200 employees)



Individuals and Small companies (1-20 employees)



University students




Individual webinars can be accessed for $45. Webinar access is free for Australian dairy farmers.

Please email Jennifer Penfold to purchase a webinar season pass.

Purchase of a Webinar Season Pass entitles companies and individuals to the following:

  • Access to 30+ webinars per year.

  • Multiple logons for company staff attending webinars (plus multiple people can participate from logon point.

  • Single logon for individuals / small companies (multiple people can participate from one logon).

  • Technical support for participants.

  • PDF’s of presentations.

  • Opportunity to ask questions of world expert during the webinar.

  • Opportunity to liaise with and ask further questions of webinar presenter for one week post webinar.

  • Access to webinar recordings for 90 days post webinar.

  • Professional development opportunity for individuals and companies.

  • Opportunity to suggest new topics or dairy experts relevant to business needs.

Webinar schedule, Semester 2 - 2021

Wed 21 July

3-4pm AEST

Learnings from global dairy food safety culture: Future steps

Lone Jespersen, Cultivate, Switzerland

Wed 28 July

2-3pm AEST

Cheese structure and the genesis of flavour development

David Everett, AgResearch, NZ

Wed 11 Aug

2-3pm AEST

Sustainability: Beyond Bio - towards a partnered system design approach

Michael Grima, qDesign Enterprises, Australia

Wed Aug 18

3-4pm AEST

Fat crystallization in butter and butter blends

Lars Wiking, Aarhus University, Denmark

Wed Aug 25

3.30-4.30pm AEST

The relationship between human milk research and infant formula developments

Alan Kelly, UC Cork, Ireland

Wed Sept 1

2-3pm AEST

Quality and food safety implications of the heat treatment of milk

Michael Lewis, UK

Wed Sept 8

2-3pm AEST

The importance of non-culturable bacteria in dairy manufacturing

Steve Flint, Massey University, NZ

Wed Sept 15

2-3pm AEST

Lactoferrin and other bioactives

Hilton Deeth, Emeritus Professor, University of Queensland

Wed Sept 22

2-3pm AEST

Milk powder and infant formula solubility: Current science and research

Thom Huppertz, Wageningen University, NL


Wed. Oct 6

2-3pm AEDT


Dairy Situation and Outlook, October 2021
Eliza Redfern, Dairy Australia
The role of collaborative networks in driving dairy innovation,
Ian Olmstead, Dairy Australia

Wed Oct 13

2-3pm AEDT

Artificial milk: is it milk as we know it?

Don Otter, Consultant and Educator, NZ

Wed. Oct 20

2-3pm AEDT

Understanding frothing of milk for dairy applications

Nidhi Bansal, University of Queensland

Wed. Oct 27

2-3pm AEDT

The importance of dairy consumption for the elderly

Nutrition Australia

Wed Nov 10

12-1pm AEDT

Cheddar Cheesemaking Practice and Quality Control

Peter Dixon, Vermont, USA


Wed. Nov 17

10-11am AEDT

Optimising alcoholic and acetic acid fermentations from dairy by-products

Sam Alcaine, Cornell University, USA

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