Tasmanian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan 2022-2027

The Tasmanian dairy industry has come together to form a new strategic plan that will provide an industry-wide vision for the next five years. 

The Tasmanian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan 2022-2027 has the aim of delivering an adaptive pasture-based dairy industry of which Tasmania will be proud. 

The document – coordinated by DairyTas and a collaboration of industry, from farm to processing – aims to position our entire industry supply chain, from the farmgate through to dairy export, as environmentally, socially and sustainable. 

Tasmania is uniquely positioned to champion sustainability, with its natural advantages, including good soils and access to water, biosecurity advantages of being an island and a climate that suits pasture-based dairying.  

The plan has five key areas of focus: people, business adaptability, sustainability, market access and industry promotion.  

“Reflecting on the past five years, where we started with fire, floods and clawbacks and finished with strong milk prices and record production, it is clear that the Tasmanian industry isn’t just sustainable – it’s an industry that we should celebrate.    

“Through the supply chain, we employ almost 3,000 people. We produce dairy products that we can all be proud of, and we do it in a sustainable way – caring for our animals, our farms, our people, the Tasmanian brand and our future.”   Laura Richardson, Executive Officer DairyTas

The Tasmanian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan 2022-2027 will inform the work of industry support organisations such as DairyTas and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture and will assist in positioning the industry to remain the adaptable and valued pasture based industry that contributes so much to Tasmania. 
Download and read the full strategic plan here


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