Weeds & Diseases of Pasture

Weeds and diseases in pastures can have a great impact on their productivity. Identifying these weeds and diseases is an important step in being able to manage them.

Some of the key weeds for dairy farmers to be aware of in pastures are:

  • Barley grass
  • Erodium
  • Capeweed

One of the key diseases to be aware of is crown rust.

Dairy Australia's Perennial ryegrass management in pastures fact sheet, which was written as part of the 3030 Project, contains information to help farmers manage weeds and diseases in pasture.

The focus of this fact sheet is on the major weeds, pests and diseases that affect dairy farm systems in southern Australia. It uses the 3030 Project experiences to discuss how to manage these weeds, pests and diseases with the whole farm system in mind.

  • perennial ryegrass management VIII management of weed pests diseasesPDF986.72 KB

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