Annual & Performance Reports

Dairy Australia provides reports each year to inform dairy farm businesses and industry stakeholders about our achievements and financial performance.

Annual Report

The Annual Report includes statements on our financial activity and key performance outcomes, as well as our Chair and Managing Director's report.

  • Dairy Australia Annual Report 2022/23PDF7.44 MB

Australian dairy industry

High farmgate prices meant most farmers made a good operating profit in 2022/23, and many are feeling positive about their business. Weather and workforce shortages remain key issues for the industry.  


In 2020/21, our revenue of $63.6m was obtained primarily through the dairy service levy and Commonwealth Government funding for eligible research and development activities.

Funding allocation

Dairy Australia invested $70 million in projects, services and activities across our seven strategic priorities in 2022/23.

  • Strategic Priority 1 More resilient farm businesses
  • Strategic Priority 2 Attract and develop great people for dairy
  • Strategic Priority 3 Strong community support for dairy
  • Strategic Priority 4 Thrive in a changing environment
  • Strategic Priority 5 Success in domestic and overseas markets
  • Strategic Priority 6 Technology and data-enabled dairy farms
  • Strategic Priority 7 Innovative responsive organisation
    • Dairy Australia Annual Report 2021/22PDF4.83 MB
    • Dairy Australia Annual Report 2019/20PDF7.12 MB
    • Dairy Australia Annual Report 2018/19PDF7.8 MB

    Performance Report

    Dairy Australia’s Performance Report provides information on a range of program investments on behalf of levy payers, which support the profitability and sustainability of dairy farming.

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