Murray Dairy Committees

Murray Dairy develops its strategy and programs based on input provided by its industry committees. Committees assist to identify regional and seasonal issues and opportunities, to offer ideas and to prioritise industry needs to improve the services of Murray Dairy.

Regional Network Groups

There are five Regional Network Groups (RNGs) across the Murray Dairy region, which are open to all farmers. These are:

  • North West (Lockington, Cohuna, Swan Hill)
  • Central (Rochester, Kyabram)
  • East (Shepparton, Numurkah, Cobram)
  • Riverina
  • Alpine Valleys

RNGs meet four times per year to discuss current challenges and opportunities for their region and the information and programs they would like to see available to the industry. These meetings also provide an opportunity for farmers to hear about the services on offer from regional dairy service providers and guest speakers.

Information from RNG meetings is reported back to Murray Dairy and the Regional Extension and Education Committee (REEC) to inform future activities.

Regional Extension and Education Committee

The Regional Extension and Education Committee (REEC) helps identify and prioritise the region's future dairy industry projects, courses and events based on information gathered from RNG meetings and input from the broader industry. Decisions and discussions from REEC meetings are provided to the Murray Dairy Board for consideration.

The REEC has 12 members, representing the five RNGs and industry education and extension providers, who are selected on a skills basis.

The committee’s role and function is to:

  • Influence the strategic planning process through Murray Dairy, Agriculture Victoria, the new South Wales Department of Primary Industries and registered training organisations (RTOs)
  • Develop extension delivery plans in collaboration with Murray Dairy, Agriculture Victoria, NSW DPI and RTOs
  • Oversee the implementation of the delivery plan
  • Review progress against the plan

Young Dairy Network Steering Committee

The Murray Dairy Young Dairy Network (YDN) provides technical information, industry support and social opportunities to young people and newer entrants in the dairy industry. Activities for the network are determined by a Steering Committee made up of farmer and service provider representatives from across the region.

The Steering Committee also represents young people in the region through its contribution to industry consultation and strategic projects such as the Australian Dairy Plan.

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