Murray Dairy Team

The Murray Dairy team is regionally focused and locally based.

Murray Dairy
Lachlan Barnes
Regional Manager

• BAppSciAg

Lachlan has been working in the irrigation and agricultural field of Northern Victoria and Southern Riverina for over a decade with a passion for productivity and sustainable farm systems.

Contact Lachlan about:

• Murray Dairy’s programs and priorities.
• Dairy Farm Monitor Project – Dairybase.
• Farm business and farm performance tools and programs.
• Board and general enquiries. | 0438 092 352
    Murray Dairy
    Amy Fay
    Executive Officer to the Murray Dairy Board

    • MSciAg, GradCertSustAg, GradCertAgHlthyMed, BSciAg

    Amy’s enthusiasm for advancement in agriculture is shown through her various commitments to industry committees, boards and regional support groups.

    Contact Amy about:

    • Regional industry issues including water policy.
    • Srategic dairy projects and investment opportunities.
    • Murray Dairy Board.
    • Board and general enquiries. | 03 4811 6008
      Murray Dairy
      Liz Byrne
      Project Admin Support Coordinator

      Mob: 03 4811 6008

      • Post Dairy Farmer Owner 15yrs, Cert IV Ag & Hort

      Liz grew up and worked on her parents Wyuna dairy farm before taking ownership in the 80’s with her husband. She provides general project and administration support to Murray Dairy staff and farmers.

      Contact Liz about:

      • Membership applications.
      • Updating contact and subscription details.
      • Access to reports and upcoming events.
      • Board and general enquiries. | 03 4811 6008
        Murray Dairy
        Megan Bicknell
        Project Administrator Officer & Finance

        Mob: 03 4811 6008

        • Experience in financial and legal administration field for over 25yrs

        Megan has extensive administration experience and enjoys supporting and learning more about the dairy industry in the region.

        Contact Megan about:

        • Administration and forms.
        • Administration and forms.
        • General enquiries.
 | 03 4811 6008


          Murray Dairy
          Jo Tanner
          Farm Engagement Lead - Northeast

          • BAppSciAg, DipNatResMgt, Cert IV TAE

          Jo enjoys working with farmers and has various experience nationally and internationally in pasture-based farming systems along with sales and marketing management.

          Contact Jo about:

          • Planning and engagement with Dairy Australia.
          • Murray Dairy events, workshops and programs.
          • Accessing resources, tools and information.

 | 0493 043 669

            Murray Dairy
            Rebecca Phillips
            Farm Engagement Lead - East & Riverina

            • Post Dairy Farmer Owner 22 yrs, BAgSci, Cert IV TAE

            Rebecca was raised and worked on dairy farms in New Zealand and Australia before purchasing a dairy farm with her husband. She has also worked in dairy extension and education. She is keen to connect farmers with industry and other farmers to improved shared knowledge.

            Contact Rebecca about:

            • Planning and engagement with Dairy Australia.
            • Murray Dairy events, workshops and programs.
            • Accessing resources, tools and information.

   | 0417 658 330
              Murray Dairy
              Phoebe Dillion
              Farm Engagement Lead - Central & West / YDN Coordinator

              • Cert IV Ag

              Phoebe has a strong passion for the Dairy Industry and after moving to Northern Victoria in 2017, Phoebe developed an appreciation for dairy in the region and the people within it. Prior to her role with Murray Dairy, Phoebe worked in a variety of roles within Agriculture. These areas included Veterinary work, station work, agribusiness, and livestock sales.

              Contact Phoebe about:

              • Young Dairy Network events and groups.
              • Murray Dairy workshops and services.
              • Industry programs and services.

     | 0438 638 676
                Murray Dairy
                Bec Wyper
                Extension Team Lead

                • BSciAg, Cert III Ag

                Bec has a background in ruminant nutrition and is passionate about helping and guiding people within the industry to drive optimum production. Bec and her partner are currently involved in their family dairy farm with her role being the raising of calves.

                Contact Bec about:

                • Regional projects and partnerships.
                • Feeding Pasture for Profit.
                • Silage quality workshops (Top Fodder).
                • Nutrition fundamentals along with Feedbase PMR, TMR.

       | 0493 060 095
                  Murray Dairy
                  Ross Read
                  Extension Advisor – Animal Performance

                  • Post Dairy Farm Owner (25yrs) and Countdown milk quality & Repro right advisor.

                  Ross has experience in the region as both a farmer and service provider and has developed and maintained relationships with many of Murray Dairy's key stakeholders whilst delivering content which addresses some of the more challenging areas of animal husbandry.

                  Contact Ross about:

                  • Transition management.
                  • Euthanasia of livestock courses.
                  • Mastitis management and prevention.
                  • Downer cow management.
                  • Lameness.
                  • Calf management.

         | 0438 906 613

                    Murray Dairy
                    Russell Holman
                    Extension Advisor - Our Farm, Our Plan

                    • Post Dairy Farm Owner and Commercial Dairy & Animal Health Representative (30yrs)

                    Russell has extensive experience assisting and advising farmers and rural resellers in the Murray Dairy region on animal health farm inputs and planning to improve productivity and performance. He enjoys helping farmers develop strategies to take stock and plan the next steps in their business.

                    Contact Russell about:

                    • Delivery of Our Farm Our Plan.
                    • Farm Fitness Checklist.
                    • Regional Network Groups and the Regional Extension and Education Committee.
                    • General Murray Dairy extension courses.

           | 0438 921 904
                      Murray Dairy
                      Shane Byrne
                      Extension Advisor – Workforce Attraction

                      • Post Dairy Farmer Owner 15yrs, MAgBus, GradDipSecEd, GradCertEd(TESOL), Cert IV TAE, Food Safety Auditor

                      Shane is passionate about the challenges that the dairy industry faces in attracting, training and retaining good staff. His diverse career as a dairy farmer, educator and extension officer provides him with practical experience in all things HR.

                      Contact Shane about:

                      • Navigating any challenges to do with compliance and people management.
                      Training on the ESKi (Employment Starter Kit).
                      Leadership development.
                      Getting started as an employer.
                      Navigating any challenges to do with compliance and people management.

             | 0402 971 593
                        Murray Dairy
                        Melva Tyson
                        Workforce Attraction Project Lead

                        • AssocDegAppSci (Chem), DipHRM, Cert IV TAE

                        Melva has an extensive background in extension, working predominantly in the people space. She is passionate about equality for regional people regarding opportunities for education and career pathways in the dairy industry, along with supporting rural business to develop a sustainable workforce.

                        Contact Melva about:

                        • Pathways into Dairy.
                        • Collaboration projects - community engagement and education.
                        • Tertiary related training programs.
                        • Social wellbeing and enhancement of regional livelihoods.

               | 0439 667 425
                          Murray Dairy
                          Yvette Williams
                          Research and Innovation Coordinator

                          • PhD (grazing dairy cow nutrition) BAgSci, BSci

                          Yvette has a passion for agricultural research and the dairy industry. She is driven to see improvements which makes the industry future proof and sustainable both economically and environmentally.

                          Contact Yvette about:

                          • Dairy research and innovation projects (Murray region).
                          • Dairy research and data analysis. 

                 | 0417 168 535

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