Irrigation in the GMID

Murray Dairy have developed four online modules with videos and information that helps participants navigate through some of the complexities of running an irrigated dairy enterprise in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID).

This course is made up of four distinct stand alone sub-courses that help you understand the irrigation system in the GMID and how to set up your irrigation business to make best use of this resource.

In the following modules, the Irrigation in the GMID entry-level, online course helps participants understand:

Introduction to water

This module will take you through irrigation terminology and increase your understanding of the water market and help demystify the jargon, rules and regulations.

Understanding trading in the GMID

This module will introduce you to the trading rules in the GMID and show how to determine your likely allocation, highlight key influences on allocation/price and establish where to get accurate information.

Tactical use of water

This module will help you to better understand your seasonal needs and options. It will allow you to determine a feed and water budget and show how to run scenarios using budgeting tools and example scenarios. This will allow you to decide how your seasonal decisions on buying, selling and using your water are likely to impact on your business.  

Strategic use of water

This module looks at your current water portfolio, the options for securing irrigation water and shows how you can set up your farm to best utilise your resources. It also provides the prompts and challenges to come up with your own robust strategy to secure your future in the GMID.   

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