Australian Milk Quality Awards

Dairy Australia’s Milk Quality Awards recognise farms across Australia with an annual average bulk milk cell count (BMCC) in the lowest five per cent during the financial year.

The awards have been running since 2002 with the goal of celebrating and bringing industry recognition to the highest quality milk producers across Australia. To be eligible, dairy farms must have BMCC data for a minimum of nine months which is then supplied by their processor to Dairy Australia. BMCC results for each collection are then used to calculate the annual average BMCC for each farm and the winners are the top five per cent of farms with the lowest BMCC.

The top 100 farms in the list with the lowest BMCC each receive a gold plaque for their farm gate and all others farms in the top 5 per cent receive a silver plaque. The Awards enable the industry to celebrate success. It is a great collaboration between dairy companies and Dairy Australia's Countdown program.  

For more information and to participate in the annual Australian Milk Quality Awards email


Australian Milk Quality Awards 2023 winners announced

Dairy farmers have been recognised in Dairy Australia’s 2023 Milk Quality Awards.


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