Dairy Australia Independent Performance Review published

Dairy Australia’s operations and governance have received a positive assessment in an independent review of its performance.

Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDCs) including Dairy Australia are required by the Commonwealth Government to undergo independent reviews every four years, to ensure value is being delivered to levy payers and from matching government payments for eligible R&D.

The review highlights Dairy Australia’s work building community trust through its marketing activities, its support of the dairy industry during recent crises, the capabilities of its eight Regional Development Programs (RDPs) and strength of its R&D activities.

Anwen Lovett of Anwen Lovett Consulting, who completed the performance review together with Ancer Consulting, said it had looked across Dairy Australia’s operations and governance. “The overall finding of this independent review is very positive. Dairy Australia is an effective, outcomes focussed organisation with a strong service culture to the Australian dairy industry.

“It is managed by professional people who care about what they do. There is strong and appropriate governance and a healthy focus on continuous improvement of structures, systems and processes,” Ms Lovett said.

Dairy Australia Chair James Mann said he was encouraged by the review’s findings, while recognising some opportunities to do things better. “We see real value in this being a genuinely independent assessment of our organisation. The review is based on feedback from all our industry stakeholders including many farmers as well as representative bodies.

“It is essential we get this kind of feedback, to ensure the services we provide to farmers are delivering value and to identify where they can be improved – or where new capabilities need to be added.

“It is particularly satisfying that our eight RDPs are described as the best example of their kind among all Rural Research and Development Corporations. Our successful shift in marketing in recent years, from driving consumption to building community trust is also acknowledged, as is Dairy Australia’s strong culture and service commitment.”

Mr Mann said the document will help to inform a levy review that would take place this year.

“In March there will be a call for farmers to nominate for the levy review committee. It is essential that there is a voice from farmers all across the country in the levy review and I encourage every levy payer to consider applying,” Mr Mann said.

The final report and summary are available to download on the Independent Performance Review page.

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