The dairy industry launches new marketing campaign to rally Aussies to support local dairy

Dairy’s latest marketing campaign calls on Aussies to support our world-class dairy industry, for the health of our bodies and the health of our nation.

The latest dairy industry campaign encourages Aussies to buy, support and enjoy Australian dairy as a part of everyday life, for not only good health and wellbeing, but for the livelihood of local dairy communities, too.

The campaign known as Dairy Matters Support Aussie, will come to life throughout 2021 through a series of Dairy Australia initiatives and partnerships, encouraging Aussies to celebrate the people and places that make Australian dairy so special. The campaign stars dairy industry ambassador Jonathan Brown, ex-Aussie Rules footballer and popular media personality who currently co-hosts NOVA 100 FM’s breakfast show.

Glenys Zucco, Communications Strategy Manager at Dairy Australia said: “Australia’s dairy industry and produce is world-class. Through our latest campaign, we want to encourage Aussies to actively support our local dairy farmers, by buying the high-quality, delicious produce made right here at home.”

“Buying Australian Dairy isn’t just great for our family’s health, it’s great for our local farming communities’ livelihoods, too. We are working closely with local farmers and the broader supply chain to showcase the people behind the product,” she said.

“By choosing Australian milk and dairy products, we invite Aussies to help support our Australian dairy farmers and their communities,” Glenys added.

The campaign will be seen and heard across multiple channels including television, radio, podcasts, digital and social media, and will launch with a television commercial to be released on 28 February. The commercial follows Browny’s journey through the Australian dairy supply chain, demonstrating how choosing to buy locally produced milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, cream and ice-cream supports regional workers and their communities.

Dairy Australia worked collaboratively with dairy farmers and industry members to bring the campaign to life. Dairy Farmer, Stu Griffin, who features in the commercial said: “As dairy farmers, we love the support we get back from the whole community when they buy and enjoy our products, so I think it’s important we get involved in promoting our industry where we can.”

The campaign will continue with an exciting to-be-announced partnership with one of Australia’s leading tourism companies, imploring Aussies to visit Dairy Destinations across the country, to boost the economy in dairy regions, and experience Australia’s incredible dairy industry first-hand.

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