Regulatory Framework Overview

The National Dairy Food Safety Regulatory Framework is an integrated system involving federal and state regulatory agencies, dairy farmers, dairy companies and Dairy Australia.

Dairy Australia works with federal and state agencies, dairy farmers and companies to create the National Dairy Food Safety Regulatory Framework. Based on national and international codes and standards, this framework requires all across the supply chain take responsibility for food safety.

Regulatory framework

National and international codes and standards provide a basis for the National Dairy Food Safety Regulatory Framework. Industry quality assurance (QA) programs are an integral part of this framework. QA programs require all sectors of the supply chain to take responsibility for food safety. Potential risks are monitored and the industry regularly updated.

Learn more about the regulations for farm, transport, manufacture and warehousing:

Food safety on farms

A summary of what is required from dairy farms in a farm food safety program and the steps farmers take to ensure any food safety risks are minimised on-farm.

Food safety during transport

The key requirements of food safety programs for milk transport operators and the steps transport operators take pre and post-milk collection to ensure these requirements are met.

Food safety in manufacturing

A summary of the core elements required from a dairy products manufacturer food safety program and the steps manufacturers take to ensure food safety.

Food safety in distribution

An overview of the key elements of a food safety program for distributors and the steps taken by distributors to ensure fo…

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National Regulatory Framework

This document outlines the primary and secondary regulatory responsibilities for all aspects of the dairy supply chain.
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Regulatory overview

Customer requirements, food safety and product traceability are paramount drivers for the National Dairy Food Safety Regulatory Framework along with animal welfare, biosecurity and environmental sustainability.

The responsibilities and accountabilities of all industry members through the supply chain are incorporated into the food safety and quality systems.

Potential risks are monitored on an ongoing basis with industry updated on a regular basis for possible challenges. Quality science supports the risk management process. The industry approach is preventative and outcomes based rather than process driven.

Federal agencies develop policy and standards, while state government regulators enforce, verify and monitor or conduct surveillance of food standards.

The Food Standards Code, and particularly Standard 4.2.4 - The Primary Production and Processing Standards for Dairy Products, the Export Control Bill 2019 and Export Control (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2019 are important regulations for the Australian dairy industry.

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