Budgeting and Finance

Grow your farm business with the following production and financial performance resources. 

Analysing farm performance

DairyBase is an online tool that helps you understand and measure your farm's production performance – as well as compare it against others – to improve operations, reporting, forecasting, managing risk and decision making.

To get started with DairyBase, you need to understand your:

  • farm's financial performance by completing the Dairy Standard Chart of Accounts

  • get your financials ready so you can meet with your bank

  • and fill out the DairyBase questions and answers. 

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Analyse a farm's size and production system to improve reporting, forecasting, managing risk and decision making. 

Understanding a farm's financial performance

To understand a farm's financial information – including its profitability and wealth – download the Dairy Standard Chart of Accounts from the resources below.

The Chart of Accounts helps to track farm performance based on cash, profit and wealth, and is used by the dairy industry to drive consistency in how farm performance is calculated and reported. 

The Chart of Accounts enables consistent management of a farm's financial information, bill payments, cash flow, budgeting, and complying with Australian tax regulations. It offers works in industry-standard terms and can be converted to management accounts with ease, so you can make informed decisions and complete end of year and comparative analysis on their business. 

The Chart of Accounts has not been established as a rigid tool to prescribe the exact setup of farm accounts on all dairy farms, but rather is designed as a guide to the way a dairy farmer can keep financial records. 


Discover guides for DairyBase, the Dairy Standard Chart of Accounts, meeting with the bank, budgeting, farm business analysis and more. 

  • DairyBase Short User GuidePDF1.07 MB
  • DairyBase Expert User GuidePDF842.07 KB
  • DairyBase Blank Input SheetsPDF50.85 KB
  • DairyBase Blank Input SheetsPDF50.85 KB
  • DairyBase Input ChecklistPDF543.98 KB
  • DairyBase Data Sharing SystemPDF331.41 KB
  • DairyBase QAPDF817.67 KB
  • Dairy Cash Budgeting ToolXLSM868.73 KB
  • Dairy Chart of AccountsXLSM353.96 KB
  • Dairy Farm Business Analysis factsheets updatedPDF1.27 MB
  • Dairy Farm Costs factsheetPDF1.39 MB
  • chart of accounts case study mandy margin 2017PDF68.73 KB
  • DairyBase Completed Input Sheets MM MarginPDF473.71 KB
  • DairyBase Standard Chart of Accounts MM MarginPDF413.28 KB

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