Director Elections

The comprehensive search and selection process of new Dairy Australia directors ensures the board comprises a diverse set of skills, experience and personal attributes. Nominated director candidates stand for election to the board at the Annual General Meeting. 

Board selection process 

The board selection process is overseen by the Board Selection Committee (BSC). The committee’s role is to identify and nominate candidates that provide the board collectively with the appropriate balance of skills and experience in relation to the business and strategy of Dairy Australia. This ensures candidates are rigorously assessed against the skills needed for a director position following an open and transparent application process. 

The BSC is a standing committee appointed for a 12-month period that comprises five members – two representatives from each of Dairy Australia’s Group B members (Australian Dairy Farmers and the Australian Dairy Products Federation) to represent the dairy industry, along with a director of Dairy Australia (not standing for re-election) as the chair. 

After assessing the applications received and interviewing candidates, the BSC recommends one candidate for each director vacancy for endorsement by the board. Candidates then stand for election at the Annual General Meeting as Dairy Australia Board nominees. 

A Pre-Selection Committee (PSC) assists with selection of farmer milk producer candidates. The PSC comprises three members appointed by Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) who will provide a short list of milk producer candidates to the BSC for consideration. 

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