Strategic Plan

Dairy Australia’s Strategic Plan sets our priorities and outcomes that we will deliver from July 2020 to July 2025. 

Our strategic priorities 

The strategic plan aligns with industry needs and embodies our vision. There are six priorities that contribute to delivering improved profitability and a more sustainable dairy industry, and a seventh priority that gives focus to organisational drivers of performance. 

Dairy Australia (DA) works closely with dairy farmers and other industry stakeholders to understand their needs and direct our investment priorities. We provide a wide range of services that deliver value to dairy farm businesses and the dairy supply chain. Our investments in innovation are focused on creating new and transformational opportunities for the dairy industry. 

  • Dairy Australia Strategic Plan 2020-2025PDF2.59 MB
  • DA Strategic Plan 2020-2025 – Update 2021PDF1.08 MB
  • DA Strategic Plan 2020-2025 – Update Summary 2021PDF220.58 KB
  • DA Strategic Plan 2020-2025 – Progress Update 2023PDF1.54 MB

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