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Australian Dairy Industry In Focus

The Dairy Industry In Focus report provides a snapshot of Australia’s role in the global dairy industry based on the current year's data. 

The dairy industry is the nation's third largest rural industry and a key sector of the agricultural economy. Dairy Australia plays a key industry role in being able to quantify the flow of milk across the nation, which is processed into a wider range of dairy products and then sold in diverse markets here and overseas. 

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Milk production

Australia’s national milk pool fell 5.0% over the 2022/23 season as labour challenges led to many farmers choosing to diversify and milk smaller herds, or convert to beef, while others chose to sell their farms. Most dairying regions were also flood-affected during the season, with some more severely impacted than others. 

Australian dairy farmers

In 2022/23 there were 4,163 registered dairy farms operating in Australia. In 2022/23, approximately 33,500 people were directly employed on dairy farms and by dairy processing companies.

Export markets

Australia accounts for just over 1% of the world’s estimated milk production but remains a significant exporter of dairy products. The country currently ranks fifth in terms of world dairy trade with a 5 per cent share behind New Zealand, the European Union, United Kingdom, and the United States.

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