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Exciting opportunity for students finishing year 12

Students finishing year 12 this year are being offered an opportunity to gain hands-on, paid, on-farm work at a local dairy farm next year as part of Dairy Australia’s industry based Dairy Gap Year Programme.

The Programme will match interested students with the opportunity to consider a career in agriculture whilst undertaking a minimum of 12 months paid work on Victorian dairy farms.

To be eligible students must have a driver’s licence and be prepared to be enrolled in a Certificate in Agriculture while undertaking their gap year. The industry has sourced farms with strong HR policies and are committed to offering a positive dairy experience. Students will be linked to a Group Training Organisation to ensure all award conditions are met.

Having worked on-farm for the past four years, two of those whilst completing VCE and two further gap years, 19-year-old Kyella McKenna said, “I have been fortunate enough after finishing school to take the steps in following an agriculture career, which will lead me to a successful career in the dairy industry.

“The most enjoyable parts of working on-farm for me are working with animals day-to-day, the rearing of calves as well as animal health and nutrition.

“It is great to have learned about and actively take part in the various aspects to working on a dairy farm such as milking, working with the machinery and tractor work.

“I believe anyone can do what I have done. I don’t have a farming background, but took an interest in it and I’m now doing something I love.

“I’d recommend working in the industry to all young people. It is hard work but you have fun, work hard and best of all make money.”

In the recent Federal Budget; it was announced that from November 2020 to December 2021 a person who earns at least $15,000 through employment in the agriculture sector may be considered independent for Youth Allowance (student) or ABSTUDY purposes, meaning this Programme will provide a great opportunity for those finishing year 12 this year and looking to further tertiary study in 2022*.

Do not let this great opportunity to pass you by. Even if you haven’t previously considered a career in agriculture don’t let that put you off. A dairy gap year will provide you with a great experience and will help you stand out as a potential employee or assist in your university interviews.

For further information, contact Murray Dairy’s Melva Tyson on 0439 667 425 or at

*Conditions apply

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