South East Asia Trade Scholarship cohort visit Murray Dairy region

Murray Dairy region farm systems and processors have played an essential role in building lasting relationships with international partners, following the Dairy Australia South East Asia Trade Scholarship’s visit to the region.

Delegates from the Trade Scholarship Tour visit a Murray Dairy region dairy.

Under the scholarship, 13 delegates were given the opportunity to learn more about Australia’s high-quality dairy and the journey it makes along the supply chain, from paddock to packaging - an important relationship to foster and grow, as it ensures Australia’s premium milk products can be tasted internationally.

In a first for the program, delegates had the opportunity to meet with northern Victorian Murray Dairy farmers and participate in a ‘Farmer Roundtable’ discussion which included presentations from Mark Mullins, Andrew Murphy and Murray Dairy Chair, Andrew Tyler about their farm businesses, farming systems and their confidence in the future of the industry.

This event was met with great success, with a number of delegates saying they came away from the session with a better understanding of how much work was involved in operating a dairy farm business. The roundtable was also a platform for delegates to outline what products they bought from Australia and why customers like consuming Australian dairy as a premium product.

A tour of Kristy and Ryan Grant’s dairy farm further explored the operational effort that goes into creating a premium product, as well as experiencing strict farm biosecurity measures in action. For many it was their first visit a farm, therefore providing a unique opportunity to see cows being milked and hear from farmers themselves about animal welfare, nutrition, sustainability, and innovations on farm.

The dinner networking event brought together processors, Murray Dairy Board Directors, delegates and Dairy Australia staff for an evening of relationship building in a relaxed setting. This provided an opportunity for stories to be shared about the industry; motivations, challenges, insights – giving the delegates an overall personal feeling about each of the companies and how they strive to produce the very best dairy for their markets.

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