Taking Stock: 1:1 business support for dairy farms

Taking Stock offers one-on-one business support for dairy farms in the Murray Dairy region.

This is an ongoing service where farm businesses can receive assistance from local, well-known consultants and industry professionals of their choice. Topics include budgeting, feed and farm business planning.

Leigh 'Skeeta' Verhey recently participated in the program, which he found beneficial.

“The Daryl Poole’s, the Tom Farrans and Cam Smiths of the world, see a lot of farm businesses. They understand the region,” Skeeta said.

“They’re not going to run your business for you, but they can give you some nice ideas on what we should be looking for. For example, should you be testing feed? And looking at milk quality – how do we get back on top of that?

“Just having that outside guidance is a luxury.”

If you would like to register for Taking Stock, please contact Russell Holman on 0438 921 904 or email click here to reveal.

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