Innovation Commitment

Dairy farmers and governments look to Dairy Australia to lead innovation for the dairy sector. Over time, Dairy Australia has built deep experience and partnerships to drive innovation.

Dairy Australia recognises that a broader range of innovation is required to achieve target outcomes. This includes a commitment to:

  • Invest with other rural R&D Corporations and the private sector to address major national challenges facing Australian agriculture.
  • Expand global partnerships to bring international expertise and technology and accelerate our achievement of research and innovation targets.
  • Increase the opportunities for co-investment with AgTech entrepreneurs.
  • Harness new models of agricultural innovation.

New approaches to innovation will build on a wide variety of ongoing investments in innovation and existing partnerships with governments, Australian organisations and global partners. Examples of ongoing investments include:

  • DairyBio $60 million commitment over five years to deliver more advanced plant and animal genetics, increasing the productive capacity of land and herd assets.
  • DairyFeedbase $45 million commitment over five years that delivers improved management of the feedbase and herd nutrition, reducing the cost of feed and lifting profitability.
  • DataGene $23 million commitment over five years to deliver more advanced data services to make more timely and profitable herd decisions.
  • Smarter Irrigation for Profit (Phase 2) $7 million investment for dairy that delivers improved irrigation decision making relating to timing, quantity and application of water.
  • C4 Milk collaboration $5 million investment over five years that delivers alternate feedbase options for ensiled summer cropping options.
  • Fractures Trial $3.9 million global research initiative led by Dairy Australia that shows the importance of dairy  in fracture prevention, and highlights the significance  of dairy consumption in prevention of malnutrition in older adults.
  • Learning and capability development Focused approach to on-farm adoption through innovation in learning design, and application of the latest technology and adult learning principles to a dairy specific audience.
  • Tailoring our services Application of innovation in tailored services to communicate and deliver regional services more effectively, based on individual farmer needs.
  • Trade program Evolution of the long-standing Dairy Australia international scholarship alumni program towards online communication and social media platforms creating a continuous learning group among the Dairy Australia Alumni, with ongoing interactive and two-way exchange of information and market insights.
  • Manufacturing innovation program Providing a focal point for dairy processors to connect on a pre- competitive basis to enhance their sustainability through investment in innovations and best practice guidelines.
  • Community expectations Leaders meeting community expectations, setting targets and reporting through a world recognised sustainability framework, and proactively building trust through transparency.

Dairy Australia will also support innovation through direct investment in smaller projects and by providing access to subject matter experts to  introduce  new  knowledge to the industry. This includes supporting overseas experts to visit and engage with our Australian industry.

In summary, this strategic plan speaks to the need to move faster on high-priority innovation that spans the whole of Australian agriculture, continues to be grounded with strong technology transfer into dairying regions, and encourages new innovation partnerships with greater private sector investment.