Priority 2: Attract & Develop Great People for Dairy


Attract great people to the dairy industry, build their capability and careers, and foster a safe work culture

Strategic outcomes Success indicators

Greater awareness of Australian dairy as an attractive industry with rewarding career opportunities

There are strong community perceptions about dairy, based on historic views of long hours and hard work. Modern dairy operations are much more diverse with roles that are highly skilled and provide genuine career opportunities.


We will expand the pool of talented people interested in a career in dairy to meet the future workforce needs of the industry.


75% of dairy farm employers and employees can describe why dairy is a rewarding industry

Clear and supported capability development and career pathways

To meet the evolving needs of the dairy industry, there is a requirement for a workforce that has an advanced range of capabilities and an expectation of a greater diversity of career pathways which will lead to more successful dairy careers, including business ownership.


We will foster more advanced dairy knowledge, skills and behaviours and formalise dairy career and business ownership pathways.


70% of employers have clear, logical and supported development pathways for themselves and employees

Access to capable and skilled farm employees and service providers

Farm businesses will continue to require skilled labour on-farm as well as access to quality service provision from external providers. Success requires employers to be confident and capable to recruit, manage, lead and provide a safe work environment for capable people. Service providers need to invest in their own capability and support a new generation of talented professionals.


We will plan for future people needs in the dairy industry, address critical weaknesses in required skills and experiences and expand the capacity of employers to recruit skilled people.


80% of employers find an employee with the capabilities required to fulfil the role


Support farm businesses and their service providers to get the basics right

Farm businesses are complex with many interconnected decisions required on a daily basis in order to produce milk. The importance of applying experience from fundamental areas like soil management, pasture agronomy, animal nutrition and milk quality cannot be underestimated.


We will continue to provide a range of opportunities that enable people to get the fundamentals right for dairy production.


90% of farm businesses and their employees have access to the information and tools they need to get the fundamentals right on-farm

Additional targets

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