Key Strategic Resources

Dairy Australia works with industry partners to coordinate major activities, deliver services to dairy farmers, and respond quickly to changing priorities and issues. Key strategic resources include:

Agriculture sector innovation company

A new innovation company will be created by Rural Research and Development Corporations. Dairy Australia is one of 15 corporations and is committed to the establishment of the company in 2020/21 and its objectives to attract investment from levy payers, governments and private industry to achieve transformative innovation in areas of major challenge  to the agriculture sector. Climate is the first theme to be developed and to build a blueprint for investment.

Regional Development Programs

Dairy Australia works closely with eight Regional Development Programs, which are referred to as our ‘regions’. These organisations are the main interface between Dairy Australia and dairy farmers. They are geographically based in three regions of Victoria – Gippsland, Western Victoria and the Murray, as well as New South Wales, Subtropical, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Each Regional Development Program consists of a Board, a Regional Manager and a team dedicated to extension, development projects and communications across the region. Their primary role is in the facilitation and delivery of Dairy Australia extension activities and regional initiatives.

Dairy Moving Forward

Dairy Moving Forward (DMF) is the dairy industry’s framework for prioritising the investment of all providers of dairy research, development and extension (RD&E) on a national scale. This approach aligns with the national RD&E Framework. There is a Steering Committee that governs the framework, supported by 10 ‘communities of interest’ that each have their own technical domain focus.

Members of the communities represent organisations who contribute to the dairy industry across the RD&E spectrum, including farmer representation. The purpose of each community is to provide insight and guidance to prioritise R&D investments. In essence, they assist in the distilling of ideas and coordination of activities across a range of industry organisations such as Dairy Australia, state government RD&E sector, university R&D sector and other contributors of RD&E. Dairy Moving Forward has been a valuable collective sounding board for the dairy industry since its inception in 2010, and will continue to evolve to meet the R&D needs of the dairy industry.

Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework

The Australian dairy industry is recognised worldwide for its sustainability framework and this helps to secure community support for the industry. Through widespread consultation with external groups (including non- government organisations, multinational and national dairy buyers, retailers, governments, investors, community and consumer groups as well as industry stakeholders across the dairy supply chain), the Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework has set out goals  and  targets for 2030. These help support the Australian Government’s efforts to achieve the UN  Sustainable  Development Goals. Regular reporting, ongoing review and a proactive approach to improving are key  actions  required  to remain world class. The Australian Dairy Industry Council has overall responsibility for the framework, setting and reporting progress against the framework targets and performance measures. Dairy Australia facilitates and supports the council to develop and implement the Framework.

Dairy Manufacturers Sustainability Council

The Dairy Manufacturers Sustainability Council (DMSC) is a nationally recognised ‘community of practice’ comprised primarily of environmental and sustainability group managers from Australian dairy manufacturing companies. The DMSC has an industry-wide focus that assists dairy company members to improve environmental compliance and the sustainability of their operations.

Australian Dairy Industry Issues Management Framework

Dairy Australia manages the Issues Management Framework on behalf of the Australian dairy industry. The framework uses a risk-based approach to identify, analyse and coordinate response efforts to issues which have the potential to impact the business operations, social licence or reputation of the Australian dairy industry. The framework also provides a structure to consistently scan for potential threats to industry, tools to analyse issues and where required, coordinate an appropriate industry response. It is deployed to manage a range of issues from contained, industry- specific matters to crisis events such as natural disasters or national issues such as COVID-19.

Dairy Industry Trade Reference Group

The role of the Trade Reference Group is to provide high-level strategic input into the development of cost-effective international trade strategies and work programs for Dairy Australia. The group also acts as a feedback mechanism to ensure there is regular, timely review of strategy and program implementation, effectiveness in meeting industry objectives and continued alignment with industry priorities. The group is led by Dairy Australia and is made up of representatives from, Australian Dairy Farmers Ltd (ADF), Australian Dairy Products Federation (ADPF) as well as local dairy farm, manufacturing and trading companies.

Nutrition Policy Reference Group

The role of the Nutrition Policy Reference Group (NPRG) is to provide high-level strategic input and leadership into the development dairy of nutrition-related policy and regulation strategies and work programs for Dairy Australia. The NPRG will also act as a feedback mechanism to ensure there is regular, timely review of strategy and program implementation, in line with industry priorities and objectives. The Group is led by Dairy Australia and made up of representatives from ADF, ADPF and the dairy manufacturing sector.

Policy advisory groups

Policy advisory groups (PAGs) play a key role in setting advocacy objectives and driving  policy  formulation for ADF. They also help to ensure dairy interests are properly represented at a domestic and international level. There are five policy focus areas, each with a dedicated PAG  that is comprised of elected state  farmer members. These groups work in collaboration with ADF policy officers to discuss priorities and strategic direction. PAGs recommend policy settings to ADF via the National Council and also act in an advisory capacity providing feedback to Dairy Australia, state dairy farmer organisations, and other bodies like the National Farmers, Federation and ADPF.

Dairy Industry People Development Council

The role of the Dairy Industry People Development Council (DIPDC) is to provide synergy in vision, outcomes, and key directions in the area of workforce planning and capability development.

The Council provides strategic oversight though identifying and recommending research and industry priorities, endorsing industry programs and reviewing regional and national considerations in relation to workforce and capability development. The DIPDC reflects the industry with a diverse membership including dairy farmers, the Gardiner Foundation, the regions, learning and development experts, policy and advocacy groups, education partners, industry and workforce development experts and Dairy Australia.