Strategy Development

Dairy Australia’s strategy follows the development of an industry wide five-year plan under the Australian Dairy Plan.

The dairy plan involved an extensive regional and national consultation process that included a detailed situation analysis and resulted in key industry commitments. These industry commitments have formed the basis of establishing our strategic priorities that are aligned with the desired outcomes under the Australian Dairy Plan. They also align with the clear themes emerging from the regional and national consultation that informed the plan.

The next step in developing our strategy was consulting with key stakeholders, capturing their feedback and iterating on the vision and outcomes we are looking to achieve over five years.

Dairy Australia’s strategy development process

Engaging with stakeholders

One of the fundamental building blocks of Dairy Australia’s strategy was the feedback from the extensive consultation done under the Australian Dairy Plan. This consisted of one of the largest listening exercises in our industry’s history, holding productive conversations across the country. Over 1,500 people along the entire dairy supply chain, including dairy farmers, processors, retailers, investors and service providers, told us what needs to change to build a stronger industry.

Across Australia, 22 regional workshops were held with farmers and a small number of local processors and service providers. Dairy Australia’s five-year strategy was subsequently developed through a consultation process with the following stakeholders.

Stakeholder Objective Approach for consultation

Group B members

Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) including State Dairy Farming Organisations (SDFOs) Australian Dairy Products Federation (ADPF)

Provide inputs into the development of the strategic plan with respect to five-year strategic outcomes that are aligned with industry expectations. We will seek feedback on our proposed strategy and respond to it

Two-step consultation process with Group B members – ADF and ADPF. Strategy workshops on our high-level strategic framework meant there was early engagement as well as inputs into our strategic direction. This was followed by discussions on the  detailed strategy document which gave our Group B members the opportunity to guide the direction that Dairy Australia will take in the future

Dairy Australia Board

Seek feedback and inputs into the strategic direction of Dairy Australia. Review of our strategic plan and final endorsement Two board strategy workshops combined with several discussions and checkpoints on strategy meant that there was substantial direction and guidance for developing our strategy

Regional Development Programs (RDPs)

Provide inputs into the development of the strategic plan with respect to five- year strategic outcomes that are aligned with regional expectations. Seek feedback

on our proposed strategy and respond to it

Engaging with our regional offices across Australia is critical in ensuring that regional conditions and priorities are taken into consideration while setting our five-year strategy. Regional boards comprising of dairy farmers also act as a testing ground to understand whether our strategy is heading in the right direction. Feedback from the regional boards has been taken on-board and incorporated into our strategic framework

Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE)

Feedback with respect to strategic priorities and alignment with Government expectations

Our discussions with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment ensure that we are aligned with agricultural priorities of commonwealth. This engagement with government also ensures that cross-commodity observations are considered while developing our strategy

Dairy Australia staff

Seek feedback and contribution to strategy based on areas of expertise

Strategy engagement workshops conducted with Dairy Australia employees across Melbourne and regional offices. Achieving 75% participation rate and widespread discussion of our strategy generated grassroots contribution into shaping our future strategy


Approach to consultation

The purpose of our consultation plan is to outline the approach taken in consulting and collaborating with industry key stakeholders in order to develop this next strategic plan.

Consultation plan