Priority 4: Thrive in a Changing Environment


Profitable farm businesses that adapt to the changing natural environment and provide good stewardship of resources

Strategic outcomes Success indicators

Greater ability to adapt to changes in the natural environment

Dairy has immediate and substantial risks from the impacts of climate variability, far more so than our competitors. Pressures from changes to the natural environment are wide-ranging, from restricted access to water, to more extreme climatic events and less secure access to nutrients and feed sources. These pressures will increase with predicted impacts from climate change and we will require innovation to counter these pressures.


We will continue to embed new knowledge to manage climate variability, empower business decision making, speed up the development of policy options and expand capability development for better adaptation.


75% of dairy farmers have the right information and capabilities to thrive in increasingly volatile climatic conditions

Efficient and profitable use of land, water, carbon and energy resources which nurtures and sustains the natural environment

Future success depends on efficient use of natural inputs with a focus on land, water, carbon and energy. This efficiency needs to be considered over a longer term in a way that nurtures and sustains the natural environment and is profitable for dairy businesses.


We will innovate with ways to support farmers and the wider dairy industry to meet market, corporate, financial and social expectations around management of the natural environment while not compromising profitability.


70% of dairy farm businesses have adopted a minimum of three new technologies and management practices to achieve land, water, carbon and energy efficiency

Proactive action to reduce global warming and greenhouse gas emissions

The dairy industry has committed to being part of the solution to global warming. This will require a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, especially in the farm sector. Investment is required to identify commercial solutions.


We will accelerate adoption of existing solutions, seek and support new innovations, and retain a clear focus to reduce emissions in ways that deliver economic and environmental returns to industry.


40% of dairy farm businesses have access to and adopted up to three new commercial solutions for reducing on farm emissions

Additional targets

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