Our Vision

Leaders in shaping a profitable and sustainable dairy industry


Our purpose

To provide services that collectively benefit and advance dairy farm businesses and the industry, including investment in research and innovation, learning and capability development, marketing, policy research, market insights and trade development.


Investors and collaborators

Dairy Australia‚Äôs primary investors are dairy farmers through the payment of a Dairy Service Levy. All dairy farmers pay the levy on a milk solids basis (per kilogram of fat   and protein), which is collected by processors and paid to the Australian Government. Dairy Australia receives this levy as the Industry Services Body to deliver on its purpose.

The Australian Government also invests in Dairy Australia activities by matching the investment of levies for eligible expenditure in research, development and extension.

The dairy processing sector invests in Dairy Australia to support activities that benefit the whole supply chain, including trade development, market insights, policy research, sustainability and marketing.

Dairy Australia collaborates widely to increase the value and utility of our work programs. Major collaborators and project-level investors include:

  • Regional Development Programs
  • Research providers in Australia and overseas
  • Global and local companies who are major technology and service providers
  • Individual farmers and dairy businesses
  • Cross-industry collaborators, especially other industry services organisations
  • Australian Government State governments
  • Representative organisations, such as Australian Dairy Farmers
  • International organisations to advance the dairy industry, including the International Dairy Federation and Global Dairy Platform

Our members

Dairy Australia is a company limited by guarantee with two membership categories:

  • Group A members are levy payers
  • Group B members are Australian Dairy Farmers Ltd and Australian Dairy Products Federation Inc